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  • Le Diner SF - San Francisco

  • A few hours before sunset thousands of people, all dressed in white, descended upon San Francisco's Civic Plaza for the annual Le Diner SF party. Carrying with them was a large array of food, fine wine and decorative ornaments - ready for a fun night with friends.
  • Burning Man 2013 - Cargo Cult

  • Burning man, an art festival set on a dry lake bed (the playa) in the high altitude desert plains of Nevada. Every year since the early nineties, crowds of up to seventy thousand people descent into this remote region for one week to create art, dance and party in the spirit of 'radical self express[...]
  • Americas Cup Finals at Pier 27 in San Francisco

  • It was going to be a clear Americas Cup win for Team New Zealand versus Oracle with the score at eight to one. Over the course of two weeks Oracle crept up and eventually beat Team New Zealand to take the crown. What started as a large crowd of New Zealand fans, it dwindled into a smaller crowd, sad[...]